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After years of practice and tons of experience I learned the techniques, that helps me in my work. And this work in private inspires me at all.

Here are some of the most inspiring reviews from my clients. If you wish to join this group of satisfied people or have something to say you can feel free to fill contact form below. Your opinion is very important to me.

air hostess Nina air hostess
"I've worked with Panos several times and I would love to work with him again in the future. He's an excellent photographer, full of passion and creative ideas. He breaks the ice very easily in order to feel comfortable but at the same time he remains extremely professional. With all his cameras and accessories you already feel like a real artist/model and this is really inspiring. He always advices and helps with poses, profiles, places, concepts and clothes. I truly have the best memories with him."
kaltsasphoto portraits 0151
Secretery Gwgw Secretery
"Hi. My name is Gwgw and I am not a professional model. I love photography very much so when I met Panos Kaltsas, a great photographer and gave me the chance to take some poses then I say I ll become his "model" because all of these is something amazing and make me feel like another personality in the same body."
kaltsas.eu mikaella 005
recording artist Mikaella Papachrysanthou recording artist
"I am a recording artist. Our first photoshooting with Mr Panos Kaltsas was at Messolonghi (Greece) in 2016, shortly before the release of my first digital lp named "Anatoles" . My first positive experience has led me to Panos again , in August 2018, shortly before the release of the digital single named "Butterfly". His photos are emotional. I used many of his photos in my posters and in my interviews. I always wish him the best!"
Thomas Dimitrakopoulos
Singer Thomas Dimitrakopoulos Singer
"I have worked with Panos Kaltsas many times!!! He is one of the greatest photographer i have ever met. I love the way he sees photoshooting and i adore all of his photos."
University student Iro University student
"It was my first photo shoot with Panos. He made me feel comfortable from the first minute! I was never confident in front of the camera before but Panos was so nice and helpful that I overcame my "photophobia" quickly! He always creates a pleasant and professional environment!"

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